The Radburn Plaza Building (right) is the world-renowned symbol of Radburn, one of the first planned communities in the U.S.. This "Town for the Motor Age" was build in 1929 and became part of Fair Lawn a few years later. The building, the pride of Fair Lawn, suffered extensive fire damage in October 2002 and has now been repaired.

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 Fair Lawn Photo Album
  Fair Lawn is an attractive multi-cultural community of 31,000 residents just twelve miles west of New York City. Get to know it. View its sights and structures, its streets, parks, pools and shopping areas. See the preserved remnants of its Dutch and English past, as well as recent town additions. And see how the "Town for the Motor Age" looks seventy years later.
 Borough Schools & Services
  Fair Lawn schools are among the very best in New Jersey. One high school, two middle schools and six elementary schools serve Fair Lawn's 4500 students. Approximately 90% of its high school graduates go on to college. View each school's web site, and the sites of other town departments. Most impressive: the comprehensive police, fire and rescue web sites.
 Places of Worship
  There are more than twenty churches, temples and synagogues in Fair Lawn, reflecting the diversity of the borough's population. Some, like St Anne's Church, were founded almost 100 years ago. Others are just a few years old. View their web sites and learn about their history, their congregations, ongoing programs and coming events.
 Where to Eat in Fair Lawn
  Fine casual restaurants, steak and seafood houses, full-menu diners, deli's and bagel shops, Chinese take-out, pizzerias and a wide variety of fast-food and dessert stops. More than sixty choices to satisfy food cravings at all price ranges. And a charming little tavern, The Dutch House, in a structure built in the mid-1700's.
 Where to Shop in Fair Lawn
  Two major supermarkets, truly international food stores, and bakeries, liquor stores and pharmacies. Also gift shops, flower shops, home improvement and furnishing centers, automotive services and more. See the latest fashion jewelry on the Fair Lawn Jewelers web site.
 Personal Services
  There are more than twenty beauty salons in Fair Lawn and various health, fitness, recreation and entertainment centers. If you are interested in self-confidence and self-discipline, view the Okinawan Karate web site. If its meditation and contemplation, browse the Integral Yoga site. And if its comic books you crave, try The Joker's Child.
 Real Estate and Financial Services
  Brick Cape Cods predominate in Fair Lawn, but there are many newer ranches, colonials and split levels. Most interesting are the well-maintained original Radburn homes of Park "B", rear doors facing the street, front doors open to the park. Approximately 150 Fair Lawn homes are now on the market. View the web sites of local realtors and banks.

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